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No Trammel No Beetles, Neons & BODs No Watered Down Rules Just the Original Felucca Forever is an uncompromising throwback to the classic, adrenaline filled first days of our beloved Ultima Online!


Population: 500

Community: International

General Notes : Release era Skill and & Stat gain rates and caps, including Atrophy Bank box can hold unlimited gold; limited currently to 125 items. Old school public moongate system (randomized) No Meditation! Classic spawn tables and rates; old bag based loot system & item properties Classic Order/Chaos faction system Original crafting system and NPC economy. And Tents! No player run vendors Britannia map only! No Trammel, no Lost Lands, Malas, Ilshenar, etc The ‘1.0’ Guild system and GUI as available prior to Expansion 1 (-Have a pre-existing guild and interested in transferring? Email us!) Combat: Pre-T2A era melee, ranged and magic combat mechanics! No Item Insurance Order/Chaos faction system enabled Vanilla Notoriety & Bounty Systems Bandage timer No peripheral skill modifies for damage (i.e, Anatomy, Lumberjacking, Eval, etc) Housing: Original housing designs, placement rules & ‘key centric’ operation. No more custom plot shanty towns! No secure containers or lockdowns. No item limits. Mark and recall to ‘courtyard’ areas within larger buildings. Log in and out from houses freely. Trap animals and mobs in your house for extended periods, if you so desire. Crafting: Classic GUI and era-accurate mats only No BOD system Vendor context menus disabled


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