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Ashran 6.1.2 Warlords of Draenor

ONLY 6.1.2 WARLORDS OF DRAENOR | HIGHMAUL RAID | Ashran PvP Zone | Garrisons | Tanaan Jungle | Iron Docks, Skyreach, Bloodmaul Slag Mines | Arena Season | New spells, talents and HD models!


Population: 4000

Community: International

Join us now on the FIRST 6.1.2 WARLORDS OF DRAENOR SERVER! Unique: Highmaul raid ! Join the battle in the Ashran PvP zone and build your garrison! Retail like dungeons : Iron Docks, Skyreach, Bloodmaul Slag Mines. Earn chests in battleground, buy epic PvP items with our first arena season, and lead your faction to the victory! Level 100, new spells, talents and models!