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Stable lvl 90 ClassLess 3.3.5a Server enjoy unique Xperience and create your ultimate hero with spells and talents from any class, stats points u put where u want and help from friendly staff. There are custom commands, items, Legion models, NPCs


Population: 2000

Community: International

Hello guys, here is my latest project for you a nice, clean ClassLess 3.3.5a realm "FrostMourne" Custom Content with latest TrinityCore updates All players start with 11silver coins to get them started, All item drops are x4 All gold rates are x4 All xp rates are x9 All flight paths and maps are open and instant Players get some points for each level which they use for any stats they want (Str, Agil, Stamina, Int etc.) Choose spells and talents from any class Create Your ultimate Hero! Server is always online and available, just remember to download our patches and ReforgeCraft.exe, otherwise game will not work properly! Site and forum are also always up and running and fb page is: See you online!


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