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[4.3.4] Mayhem-WoW - Instant 85 | Pure PvP [4.3.4]

Cataclysm 4.3.4 - Instant 85 | Pure PvP server. Professional staff, active community, working spells, active developement, SOLO QUEUE NPC, 1v1 ARENA and many more features to enhance PvP. JOIN THE MAYHEM!


Population: 60

Community: International

? Injected with custom designed transmog to enrich gameplay, not unbalance ? Endless supply of transmogrification items with a well laid out mall ? All players start with all spells, glyphs and mounts upon creation ? 1v1 Arena System for players who enjoy Skirmish PvP ? Poisons for Rogues have an unlimited duration ? Instantly maximized professions to 525 ? Transmogrification Mall, endless supply ? Unique Duel Zone, never seen before ? Cross faction battlegrounds ? User friendly designed website ? Unique Slender event ? Active development ? Functional spells


No trailer information is available.